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To be published in October 2013

"Inventories #1 Architectures, Wallonia Brussels (2010-2013)"

Orthodoxe & PLMD logo
Orthodoxe & PLMD logo

WBA is currently involved in compiling Architectures, Wallonia Brussels, Inventories #1, which will be published in October 2013, and will showcase works of architects from Wallonia and Brussels between 2010 and 2013.

Editorial leadership has been entrusted to the Collectif Orthodoxe, a group of 6 Belgian architects who have recently graduated from the l'Université Libre de Bruxelles La Cambre Horta: Julie De Bruyne, Jean-Sebastien de Harven, Pauline Fockedey, Pacôme Godinot, Deborah Levy and Antoine Wang. Set up in 2011, the collective shares some simple fundamental beliefs: that the creation of architecture cannot be understood outside of history, nor contemplated without theories, and that it cannot exist without criticism.
The book will highlight the "multimedia" aspect of architecture as cultural heritage. It will present architecture through its tangible reality and the interactions it produces.
Damien Aresta and Pierre from PLMD (pleaseletmedesign) will be responsible for the graphic design side of this book, published by the Architecture department of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
The Number #0 of this collection called Inventories has been puiblished in 2010.



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