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(Un)city at Halles Saint-Géry Brussels

Wallonia-Brussels Architectures (WBA) and Les Halles Saint-Géry, in association with the Foundation CIVA and the Minister in charge of the promotion of Brussels, present Un)City – (Un)Real State of the (Un)Known from March 24th till May 21st 2017 in Brussels. In this context, WBA organizes an international press trip. It will be the occasion to discover the architectural marks of the capital of Belgium and Europe.

(Un)City – (Un)Real State of the (Un)Known, curated by Cédric Libert, lays down the city as a subject of thought and talk; the city adressed through its constituting multiple realities, the city perceived as heritage as well as project-in-becoming, the city envisaged by superposition, interweaving and sedimentation of singular layers.

The issues at the heart of (Un)City are presented through an exhibition and  a publication first presented in the frame of the first Istanbul Design Biennial 2012 and in 2013 in Paris at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal.

The work of many architects working in Belgium contributes to the ever-changing construction of this city, including: AgwA, a practice., Architectes associés, Baukunst, Georges-Eric Lantair, JDS, Label architecture, Ledroit-Pierret-Polet, L'Escaut, Ines Camacho and Isabelle Cornet, Lhoas & Lhoas,Nicolas Firket – NFA, Pierre Blondel, Pierre Hebbelinck, Rotor, V+ Vers + de bien-être, Vanden Eeckhoudt Creyf

The model was conceived in collaboration with and realized by WRKSHP Collectif & Paul Mouchet, with great support from Ignacio Plaza and help from Pauline Danhaive, Pacome Godinot, Iman Homa, Nora Kasa-Vubu, Deborah Levy, Lo Matar, Quentin Velghe and Antoine Wang.

The photographic work of the "3 Cities" triptych - which has already been presented at the Bozar in Brussels - developed by Adrien Verschuere - Baukunst is an independent study that reveals and makes explicit the construction of cities in successive strata. The one concerning Brussels will also be presented on this occasion.

Discover the Foreword of the publication (Un)City by Cédric Libert.




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