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WB Agencies : interdisciplinary meeting #1

WB Agencies : interdisciplinary meeting #1
WB Agencies : interdisciplinary meeting #1
Last May, we joined forces to propose a first networking event allowing the different operators of our sectors to meet. Given the great success of this moment of exchange and sharing, we renewed this initiative on December 6, 2022.

On this occasion, WB Campus, WB Design-Mode, WB Musiques, WB Théâtre-Danse, Service Lettres et Livres and WB Architectures gathered about thirty WB Federation operators at Witloof Bar (Le Botanique)for a first interdisciplinary meeting for a fruitful inter-sectoral networking eventand it was a great moment. Can't wait for the next one!

Founded in 2010, WBAarchitectures is a public agency that depends on and interacts with other structures:

  • Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Wallonia-Brussels International
WBA is part of a larger policy of support and promotion of cultural and creative industries in French-speaking Belgium. We represent one of the 6 specialized agencies that play an essential role in the diffusion and marketing of cultural and creative operators on the international scene:

  • WB Campus,
  • WB Design-Mode,
  • WB Musiques,
  • WB Théâtre-Danse,
  • Service Lettres et Livres



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