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Book and exhibition Inventories #2 Architectures Wallonia-Brussels

The third volume of the Inventaires # Inventories collection identifies, appraises and reports on architectural production in Wallonia and Brussels, but also abroad. Of the 152 projects, 28 were developed through the medium of the comic strip, writing and photography.

First launched at the Théâtre de Liège during the inauguration of the eponymous exhibition, the publication, edited by Xavier Lelion and Anne Sophie Nottebaert, will be presented on Tuesday December 13th at 7PM at the bookshop Tulitu in presence of Chantal Dassonville (architect and Architecture Cell), Anne Sophie Nottebaert and Xavier Lelion (editors and architecte), Abdel de Bruxelles (Comic strips author), Pierre Blondel (architect) and Cyril Elophe (comic strips author).
 Authors : Abdel de Bruxelles, Pierre Blondel, François Chaslin, Xavier Clément, Laurent Cilluffo, Nathalie Cobbaut, Marie-Noëlle Dailly, Laurent Dandoy, Sophie Dawance, Cyril Elophe, Maud Faivre, Joseph Falzon, Loïc Gaume, Sacha Goerg, Florent Grouazel, Benoît Henken, Mathilde Kempf, Alain Janssens, Stéphane Lambert, Xavier Lelion, Aurélie William Levaux, Lisa Lugrin, William Mann, Michel Mazzoni, Anne Sophie Nottebaert, Jean-Philippe Possoz, Françoise Rogier, Michel Sadowski, Adrien Tirtiaux, Katrien Vandermarliere, Cécile Vandernoot, Daniel Wagener.




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