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27/10 - 27/11/2022


CCP#6: Shared living spaces in Barcelona

CCP#6: Shared living spaces in Barcelona
CCP#6: Shared living spaces in Barcelona

The COAC - COL-LEGI D'ARQUITECTES DE CATALUNYA - in Barcelona will host the next presentation of the Cities Connection Project - Shared Living Spaces exhibition, which presents 60 essential places, places that invite users to exchanges and that are located in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Basel and Barcelona.

The fourth opportunity - after Brussels, Basel and Mexico City - for the architects involved to meet for a programme of activities and visits that will allow them to debate and reflect on the social role of public architecture in the construction of the city - and to share their vision of urban development at a time when shared living spaces, places of exchange and contact are more important than ever.

The opening will be preceded by a presentation of  projects BCN - BSL - BRU_WAL:

This exhibition will run from 27 October to 27 November 2022.



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