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22/09 - 06/11


CCP#6: Exhibition in Mexico City

CCP#6: Exhibition in Mexico City
CCP#6: Exhibition in Mexico City

WBA will participate in the 9th edition of Mextrópoli - the most important festival of architecture in the Americas, which brings together more than 80,000 people designing cities: students, citizens, professionals, tourists, creatives, civil servants, artists, opinion leaders and experts in the field, to generate knowledge, exchange and a new vision of the city through architecture.

From 21 to 25 September, the festival will activate reflection and exchange of experiences through conferences, exhibitions, round tables, workshops with experts, installations in public spaces, specialised visits, book presentations and other events.

In this context, WBA will present the Cities Connection Project - Shared Living Spaces exhibition, which will serve as a pretext for the organisation of two round tables (FWB-Barcelona-Basel) and visits to some local projects.

The first round table will precede the opening on 22 September and will be dedicated to "Inhabitating public space/ inhabitating private space". 

The second round table will take place on 23 September and will focus on "Culture as habitat" - with Laurence Creyf from VandenEeckhoudt Creyf  anf Stéphane Kervyn from K2A.



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