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13 juin - 14 septembre

C. Espronceda, 142

Cities Connection Project #7 in Barcelona

Cities Connection Project #7 in Barcelona
Cities Connection Project #7 in Barcelona

Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures and its international partners will present the latest edition of the Cities Connection Project at the Setmanes d'Arquitectura in Barcelona.

This exhibition of 60 public architecture projects selected from the regions participating in this seventh edition, which links Barcelona with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Grand-East region of France, will take place at MUHBA_Oliva Artés from 13 June to 15 September.

The 7th Cities Connection Project cycle, curated by Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos. Its objective is to create a network of cultural connections between cities and regions that share an important architectural tradition, while showcasing contemporary architecture and urban planning.

This edition takes a look at social responsibility and the reuse of heritage and brings together transitional architecture projects, quality architecture that promotes the reuse of existing spaces, the reuse of materials, sustainable construction systems and materials, energy-efficient new-builds and mixed-use programmes that in some way help to bring activities together without dispersing them, while promoting the well-being of users.

These projects are paving the way for the transition to a more ethical building culture, with controlled environmental and social impacts.

By choosing to rehabilitate rather than demolish, by using sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction systems, and by reusing building materials, architects are beginning to realise their essential role as socially responsible players.

For several years now, building culture has been undergoing a transition towards more responsible, environmentally-friendly architecture. This vital transition in architecture will be long and full of obstacles, but it will be irreversible.



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