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29/11/19 - 11/02/20


Cities Connection Project in Lugano

Cities Connection Project in Lugano
Cities Connection Project in Lugano© J. Van Belle

After Brussels in October 2018, Barcelona in April 2019 and Tarragona in September-November 2019, Wallonia-Brussels Architectures will present the exhibition Import WB _Export BCN. Re-activate the city, curated by Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustosin at the istituto internazionale d'architettura of Lugano. It will be on display from November 29th till February 11th 2020.

This exhibition takes place within the framework of the partnership proposed to WBA by Cities Connection Project (CCP). CCP was created with the desire to establish a cultural connection between two European cities with an important architectural and cultural tradition. The cities of Zurich, Mendrisio, Geneva and Lausanne were involved in the previous editions.

Each event, called Connection, consists of an exhibition in both participating citiesand offers a new theme that always takes into account the idiosyncrasies and the cultural and architectural background of the invited city or region. This edition is centred on the re-use of existing spaces, the mixed use and the reconstruction of the city and presents 20 projects from Wallonie-Bruxelles and 20 projects from Barcelona. Discover the projects here.



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