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Listen to Cities Connection Project

Listen to Cities Connection Project
Listen to Cities Connection Project

For the monthly architecture magazine in the radio programme  Par Ouï-dire (RTBF, La Première), Thierry Genicot paints a portrait of Barcelona and its architecture, through the eyes of architects from here and there, - par ordre d'apparition, Nicola Regusci, Audrey Contesse, Anne Ledroit, Antoine Vincentelli, Johan Nielsen, Judith Leclerc, Pascal Rahier, Perrine Ernest, gathered in the frame of the Cities Connection Project - Import WB Export BCN Re-activate the City exhibition at Arts Santa Mónica. The Cities Connection Project cycle aims to create a network of cultural connections between cities and regions sharing an important architectural tradition, while highlighting contemporary architecture and urban planning. This program follows a first part dedicated to the exhibition during its presentation in Brussels in autumn 2018.

Production by the Architecture cell of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Service général de la Création artistique, the RTBF, with the support of WBI.



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