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Entrer: en interférence - Exhibition in Montreal

Entrer: en interférence - Exhibition in Montreal
Entrer: en interférence - Exhibition in Montreal© Chevalier Morales & Maxime Delvaux

Wallonia-Brussels Architectures is presenting the exhibition Entrer: en interférence,the commission of which is ensured by Audrey Contesse and Georges Adamczyk, from 4 October to 9 December 2018 at the Centre of Design -  UQAM - University of Quebec in Montreal.

This exhibition compares projects from five Belgian architectural firms and five projects from Quebec firms.

The notion of interference is the common theme which guides the exhibition’s key intentions. Firstly a critical intention: see architecture in a different way. If the notion of interference can express a communication interference, at the same time it indicates a way of entering into the conversation; a conversation between architects from here and elsewhere, a conversation with the public. But secondly, entry in interference also wants to put forward the ability of the architectural creation to transform obsolete environments into new magical places. “It is this cultural dimension of architecture, which places creation at the service of regeneration and beautifying our living environment, that we want the public to discover”, states the commissioner Georges Adamczyk.

The projects of the Belgian section are those of the exhibition to enter: five architectural works in Belgium which has already been presented inParis in 2015, inGeneva in 2016and in London in 2017.

- The Artothèque of Mons, in a former chapel, architects Atelier Gigogne architectures+ L' Escaut|
- A sports center, the Center Adeps La Fraineuse in Spa, architect Baukunst|
- Interlac, the alliance of the culture and the trade in a former dairy to Dison, architects Baumans-Deffet |
- The development into a public Place de la Cage aux Ours in Brussels, the architects MSA & Ney&Partners |
- M garden, the detached house of a collector in Ronse, architects Vers.A|
A publication deepens the exhibition by articles of international critics, interviews, and the presentation of the projects of the exhibition.

Let's mention that one of the offices exhibited in entrer: has recently received theEuropean Prize for contemporary architecture 2017 – the Mies van der Rohe Award, in the “Emerging Project Architect” category.This Prize has been given to the Navez Social Housing Complex in Schaerbeek, designed by the French-speaking Belgian architects from MSA, in temporary association with V+, as part of the redevelopment contract (“Contrat de quartier”) for the Navez-Portaels district in Brussels. The structural engineering study of the project has been realizedby Ney & Partners.

Another project exhibited in entrer: the ADEPS Sports Centre, Multipurpose Infrastructure, in Spa, designed by Baukunst was shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.

The Quebec section for its part has the objective of making the public aware of architects’ creative input to the cultural and social regeneration of the built-up area in Montreal and in Quebec. It presents five architectural works carried out in Quebec, remarkable for their technical and artistic excellence The architectural works have been selected by the commissioner Georges Adamczyk, professor and critic of architecture.

The projects presented for the Quebec section are the following:

- The Railway bridge on the Outremont site, Montreal (2012-2017) by the SMI et Civiliti Group, Peter Soland, architect

- The Saint-Michel Soccer Stadium, Montreal (2012-2017) by Saucier + Perrotte architectes and HCMA Vancouver

- The Phi Centre in Old Montréal (2008-2012) by Annie Lebel and Stéphane Pratte In Situ Atelier d’architecture and Shapiro Wolfe Architectes

- The House of Literature in Old Quebec (2014-2016) by Chevalier Morales architectes

- Reconversion of the Petrol Station designed by Mies Van der Rohe in Nuns Island (1969), Verdun (2013) by Éric Gauthier of FABG architectes

The exhibition will also give rise to a symposium at the Design Centre on Thursday 4 October where the Belgian and Quebec architects will talk about their respective projects.





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