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Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale Of Urbanism and Architecture 2011

WBA will be in attendance at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale between the 8th and 15th of February.

Since 2007, this two events has been correlated and complimentary to each other. 

In 2011, Mr. Terence Riley, chief curator for Shenzhen event, has proposed the theme as “ARCHITECTURE CREATES CITIES. CITIES CREATE ARCHITECTURE” (城市創造). The theme sheds light on reciprocal relationship among architecture and urbanism in the context of time and place that supports environmental sustainability and generates cultural vitality.

The Hong Kong’s theme, chosen by the curator Gene K. KING, is “TRI-CIPROCAL CITIES: THE TIME, THE PLACE, THE PEOPLE” (三相城市:時間 • 空間 • 人間), is a variation, or extension of the theme developped in Shenzhen. As the former deals with the most critical issues of current Shenzhen, the latter acknowledges specific issues of Hong Kong. Shenzhen, with a fast growing economy, vast supply of land, and explosive growth, is distinctive in its architectural and urban identity. Hong Kong, on the other hand, has witnessed several rounds of economic booms and recessions, possesses a very limited land supply, can only have implosive growth through regeneration, and its urban space and architecture have become one indistinguishable entity.

Following on from the "Belgian Spirit" campaign, Belgium is in fact eager to participate in 2013 in the Bi-City Biennale and to become a partner country of the BODW.



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