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11 - 31/03/2024


Les Distingués – Inventaires in Lausanne

Les Distingués – Inventaires in Lausanne
Les Distingués – Inventaires in Lausanne

What is good architecture?

Who is to judge? How? With what criteria?

Awards and selections are part of the DNA of architecture. Since its very beginnings, competition and distinction have governed the discipline of architecture, from the École des Beaux-Arts, where an apprenticeship involved taking part in various annual prizes (including the famous Grand Prix de Rome), all the way up to today, with numerous awards and competitions leading to public commissions.

Today, Swiss architects can compete for around 50 awards, distinctions and selections of all varieties, thereby continually updating an imaginary ranking - with their codes, stakes and rules.

The Forum d'Architectures F'AR presents the Swiss Architecture Yearbook (SAY) and the Distinction romande d'architecture (DRA5), two important initiatives that will shape the debate on Swiss architecture in 2023-2024.

This time around, the F'AR is inviting other approaches to join the debate, including those conceived in Belgium, an inventory (ICA) or in France, a prize (D'A), and more recently the SIA multidisciplinary prize, with the aim of prompting high-level debate on the criteria, processes and objective of the various prizes.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with the Fondation Pavillon Sicli, Architecture et Arts du Bâti, which will host one of the events of the exhibition.

The programme will be announced at a later date.



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