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15/11/19 - 31/12/19

Restitution: International residence of architects - Nantes & Walcourt

Restitution: International residence of architects - Nantes & Walcourt
Restitution: International residence of architects - Nantes & Walcourt

After several weeks of studying the territories of Walcourt (Belgium) and Saint-Jean de Boiseau (France), the time has now come for the two teams of residents - Anne Ledroit, Virginie Pigeon and Eric Valette who form the Belgian team, and Etienne Duval and Jean Chauvelot who form the French team - to share the fruits of their work.

This restitution will be made at different times. First of all, in France, with the presentation of their work at the Maison de l'architecture des Pays de la Loire from 15 November. The next day, they will be in Saint-Jean de Boiseau to share their results with the territory that welcomed them.

In Belgium then. The Walcourt Cultural Centre will present the result of their reflection from December 6, the opportunity to travel the territory with the residents.

The architects' residences carry an ambitious cultural project that creates the conditions for meetings and exchanges around spatial planning issues. Structured around a process of sharing knowledge, pooling practices and transferring experiments, this European residence questions the realities of the peri-urban territories of Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau in France and Walcourt in Belgium and the structuring of the metropolises of Nantes and Charleroi.

It is not a question of designing a project, but of producing a thought, a narrative, and implementing the means to share them with the greatest number of people.

These events are organised as part of the European residency for Franco-Belgian architects and draftsmen run by Wallonie Bruxelles-Architectures, in partnership with the Maison de l'Architecture des Pays de la Loire in Nantes.



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