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As part of the international promotion of architecture operators, Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures has hired an architecture video maker to produce promotional video capsules to promote contemporary achievements. The first vignettes he was commissioned to produce are those of the projects nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award.

To do this, Jonathan Ortegat has surrounded himself with a team composed of Jeanne Debarsy for the sound, Loup Mormont for the music, Jean Forest for the graphics and Lucien Keller for the color grading.

We invite you to discover the project iMAL realised by the CENTRAL OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM in collaboration with NP2F in a different way.

This project, nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2022, is a unique place in the Brussels landscape. More than an art center, it takes its relevance both by the culture it proposes and by its urban situation. A culture of co-production, anchored in its time. An accessible place, at the crossroads of two neighborhoods, capable of federating a plural public through the transversality of its activities.

A former factory situated along the canal of Brussels has the ambition to become the Center for Arts, Sciences, Technology, Innovation and Inclusion. Situated in Molenbeek, this center proposes a double orientation: an international art center oriented towards the future of arts and an inclusive space anchored in its neighborhood offering socially oriented educative programs. One of the challenges is to bring together exhibition areas, a FabLab and educative spaces on 3 floors totally separated at the origin. More than a place of monstration, the productive and inclusive function of the center gives an active role to this place, a function which is seen as a real tool around which different publics can meet and actively participate, a productive address on the public space, the district and the city.



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