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VIDEO: HBAAT / V+ - Marcq en Baroeul

In the continuation of our collaboration with Jonathan Ortegat - videographer and photographer of architecture - which is part of the mission of international promotion of the operators of architecture of Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures for the realization of promotional video capsules with the aim of valorizing the contemporary achievements, We invite you to discover the "Pont des Arts" project, a cultural center located in the heart of the Lille metropolis in Marcq-en-Baroeul and born from the association between HBAAT and the Brussels-based V+, delivered this year and distinguished by its integration into the urban context as well as by the generosity of its interior spaces.

On the Place Paul-Doumer, a brand new architectural complex is being built, bringing together three projection rooms, another dedicated to festive activities and a last one for the rehearsals of the municipal band. Three round volumes emerge above a base that is almost entirely occupied by a window reflecting the lights of the city.

The interior spaces of the Pont des Arts are an example of architecture without cladding, but not without decoration. At the request of the architects, Éric Chevalier and Anne Masson have created large and beautiful curtains that are suspended at the entrance to the projection rooms. At the other end of the building, curtains designed and manufactured by the Brussels duo allow the party room to be partitioned without losing its generous volume, and to conceal a bay and a bar in the rehearsal room.

To do this video, Jonathan Ortegat has surrounded himself with a team composed of Jeanne Debarsy for the sound, Loup Mormont for the music, Jean Forest for the graphics and Lucien Keler for the color grading.



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