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entrer: academic partnership

The international tour of the exhibition entrer: five architectures in Belgium, created at the initiative of Wallonia-Brussels Architectures and curated by Audrey Contesse, allowed us to develop a new axis. Indeed, WBA develops essentially collaborative cultural projects with diverse partners of the cultural and economic worlds. And for the first time with the academic one!
All the architects exhibited in entrer: being also teachers in architecture's schools, we found relevant to introduce a program of interuniversity exchanges which can take several forms: workshops, invited professors,... with universities of the cities where the exhibition stops. We work on the construction of partnerships with the universities of Paris-Malaquais and the Hepia in Geneva.

Adrien Verschuere of BAUKUNST is the first one to confirm this partnership. Baukunst is now internationally acknowledged, having completed his first Polyvalent Infrastructure project in Spa and Structure and Gardens project in Brussels, both selected for this year's Mies van der Rohe Award.
The studio, which he is due to open at Paris-Malaquais University this semester, will be called Technic as space. Quite apart from the question of change to modern-day practices, the studio will seek to examine the impact that technology is having on architectural design, as it is subjected to respective changes. It will critically question the concept of progress in architecture and explore the related “invention part”. The project is intended for research purposes. It will focus on the encounter between given architectural styles and the invention of techniques, both acknowledged as decisive in their respective disciplines. It will look at both existing tools and understanding particular technologies seeking to ensure their common use to best effect.



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