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Editions Fourre-Tout received a prize at Grand Prix du livre d’architecture

Saturday 14 October, the proclamation of the Grand Prix du Livre d'Architecture de la Ville de Briey took place at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, France.

Editions Fourre-Tout were awarded with the "Prix Spécial du Jury" for the body of their catalogue. This recognition enlightens a journey that started in 2004 and that saw the progressive creation of a publishing laboratory committed to every facet of architectural culture.

In extenso from the committee of the jury:

“Unanimously, the jury rapidly noticed the inventiveness and affluence of the publishing work carried out by the Editions Fourre-Tout, a publishing house tied to the architecture bureau of Pierre Hebbelinck and Pierre de Wit that is set up in Liège, Belgium.

Their work testifies:
- of an extension of the space of intervention of the architect, whose activity is not limited to the art of building but extends to the whole cultural field
- of a very specific, singular agency practice allying architectural practice, research, writing and edition, thus creating disciplinary bridges marrying art, literature and architecture
- of a strong and possible analogy between the craft of the architect and that of publisher, where a book is conceived and is discovered - like an architecture project.”

Forthcoming publications

- "Architexto"

The tenth and final book of this collection, the genesis of the Architexto project will see the inauguration of its first group exhibition at the CIVA on 19 January 2012. The book relates the life of the project in a historical perspective, and is enriched by several articles by Renaud Huberland, Daniel Couvreur and Richard Scoffier.

Presentation of the book on the occasion of the opening of the “Architexto” exhibition at the CIVA, on 19 January 2012. The exhibition will be open from 19/01/2012 > 26/02/2012

- "Pierre Blondel, écrits"

For the past several years, architect Pierre Blondel explores writing as a mode of representing architecture. Some texts are pamphlets committed to the political arena of architecture, but we shall particularly focus on those that give us a fictional dimension to architecture, somewhere between introspection, sociological exploration and a vector of a deliberate sensitivity to humankind.

Published during the first quarter 2012.           



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