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Exhibition ROTOR at Milan

The exhibition ex limbo curated by ROTOR is presented at the Fondation Prada at Milan from April 13 to June 5 2011, during the Milan Design Week.

Curators of the acclaimed Belgium pavilion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale, Rotor is a collective based in Brussels, whose members share a common interest in the flow of materials in industry and construction. 

On a practical level, Rotor deals in the conception and realization of design and architectural projects. On a theoretical level, Rotor develops critical positions on material resources and usages through research, publications, writings and conferences.

Rotor created at Milan a big installation with elements from the catwalk after the Fashion Week show. In Rotor's words: "The Fogazzaro exhibition hall is the space where, each new season, the Prada fashion shows are held. Every one of these shows features a spectacular series of carefully constructed new ideas. To communicate to the audience, these ideas require materialization. Beyond the brief moments of its meaningful existence, that embodiment acquires greater weight. From an idea turned into a form, what is left is just a physical presence."



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