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Exhibition in Brussels: Master Architect of Brussels Region

Opening the 16th of May of the exhibition presenting the results of 3 years of the Master Architect for the Brussels-Capital Region.

"An urban project cannot stand alone!"

Three years into his term in office, the Master Architect of the Brussels-Capital Region has handled more than 130 projects touching on architecture and public spaces, tackled ten or so public art projects and contributed to around twenty studies and exhibitions on the city in general, and Brussels in particular.

A pattern has emerged from these repeated opportunities to drive forward the city's development: they all belong to a global system, take shape within a particular physical context, bring together various public and private stakeholders, and are complementary to each other by virtue of their agenda and their positioning within the city.

The exhibition begins with a large map spread on the ground, depicting the contours of Brussels within which the Master Architect's projects have taken root. The effect is that of acupuncture points that trigger the city's vital networks.

A chart showing the institutional, regional and local stakeholders attempts to clarify the role of each and their relationship with the general public and professional stakeholders.

Like a host of coloured stars, twenty abstract figures pinned to the wall evoke the scope of the project, the role of stakeholders, as well as the density of the exchanges and steps of the process that propel its evolution right up to the date of the exhibition.

Projections on the walls show the sites in their original state, the dynamics that allowed the development of projects to achieve the vision of the teams vying for public procurement contracts and that of the winning bidders.

Finally, the exhibition brings an artist into its scope, Lotte Van den Audenaeren, to echo a work in progress that aims to integrate one of her works under the bridge of the chaussée d'Etterbeek, at the entrance to Maelbeek station.

Through these light figures, that belie the weight of the mission entrusted to him, the Master Architect shows how the internal and external dynamics of the projects are essential to secure the architectural quality of the final result within the urban landscape.




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