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19.01 > 26.02.2012

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Exhibition Architexto - Architecture + Littérature contemporaine

The exhibition 'Architexto - Architecture + Littérature contemporaine' presents the Architexto's project in its entirety in a new stagecraft designed by l'Atelier Okub (Saint-Etienne).
It presents the 9 exhibitions and publications with the following couples of authors and architects from Wallonia:

FHW and Nicolas Ancion, Nélis-Delincé and Pascal Leclercq, AUID/Gil Honoré and Carmelo Virone, Daniel Delgoffe and Mycose comix factory, Martiat-Durnez and Frédéric Saenen, Damien Henry and Bouli Lanners, Baumans-Deffet and Géraldine Brausch, Yves Weinand and Damien Darcis, Tenuta-Peters and Karel Logist.
The exhibition will be shown abroad. That's why WBA has participated in the catalogue realised by Editions Fourre-Tout.
The Catalogue Raisonné du projet Architexto (Annotated Catalogue of the Architexto Project) has been presented on the occasion of the opening night of the exhibition on 19 January. This work retraces the history of this cross-disciplinary cultural project, acting as an accompaniment to its launch as a stand-alone and travelling exhibition.

Richard Scoffier wrote the back cover:
"This publication is a reminder that the works that are part of the Architexto collection only look like ordinary books in appearance, enabling readers to  broaden the scope of their knowledge and understanding.  Above all, they are above all devices that prompt us to reflect on what enables all understanding, every fiction. The process is simple. A poetic, critical, dramatic, scientific, philosophical text or a text lifted from a novel is compared with the plans,  sections, elevations, the working drawings that set out the work of an architect.  A juxtaposition that updates the singular conspiracy that exists between words and plans.
As if, by tracing his letters on his page, each author emulates the act of survival of a constructor who scarifies the soil to mark out a special area that offers a new perspective of the world.  All thought is a home, every home is a thought."

The exhibition is organised by the
CIVA in collaboration with the Société Libre d'Emulation and the Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta - ULB.



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