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F. Cane: ART & TERRITORY residency – Geneva

F. Cane: ART & TERRITORY residency – Geneva
F. Cane: ART & TERRITORY residency – Geneva
Architect and researcher Francelle Cane has been awarded one of the four grants from the Embassy of Foreign Artists for a three-month residency in Geneva, as part of the Art & Territory programme. This is supported by the Canton of Geneva, in order to explore the Praille-Acacias-Vernets (PAV) urban project.

The Embassy of Foreign Artists is a residency programme. It was established in 2012 by an association that brings together people from the arts, architecture and urban planning. The Art & Territory category is dedicated to urban transformations. Its aim is to critically examine the developments that are occurring in the Praille Acacias Vernets (PAV) district. Maison Baron, the building that accommodates the residency programme, is located in this district. The aim of this residency programme is to invite artists, architects, urban planners, geographers, researchers and designers to examine the changes that are occurring in this area, which is currently the subject of a vast urban-renovation project – in short, to show how, today, land planning can involve innovative and contemporary approaches from interdisciplinary artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Francelle Cane’s research will focus primarily on emptiness – non-built and infrastructural space – as a model for this land and will be the subject of production at a later date.



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