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Inventories #3 in Paris - In pictures

Inventaire#3 in Paris
Inventaire#3 in Paris© WBA

Finally! On 3 September, we had the pleasure of organising the first public presentation of Inventories #3 at the Wallonia-Brussels Centre in Paris as part of the Les Traversées du Marais festival.

After a feminist guided tour of the Marais, led by a sensational duo, Apolline Vranken - L’architecture qui dégenre and Johanna Da Costa Goncalves - Guide-conference speaker, a large audience came to attend the presentation of the fourth volume of the collection Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires – Inventories.

After a presentation of the reading grid of with four themes forming the framework – society, environment, government and aesthetics – the curators presented this inventory of the practices that question the world in which we live and especially the spaces in which we live out our existence, both individually and collectively. And more specifically, the way in which they co-constructed the book, by spending a year meeting the local residents and actors in the field, visiting buildings, questioning the architects and debating with the inhabitants and experts so that finally, Inventories#3 could enable people to discover 45 projects selected by a citizen jury and 45 initiatives developed by collectives, associations or architects committed to the transformation of our environment.

With architectures - inventaire collectif, Philippe Madec, Andrea Tenuta & Delphine Péters - Binario architectes, Apolline Vranken - L’architecture qui dégenre, Jörn Bihain bureau V+, Johanna Da Costa Goncalves - Guide-conférencière, Cédric Callewaert & François Vliebergh - AUXAU architecture workshop, Gilles Debrun & Pauline de La Boulaye, curators of #architecturesinventairecollectif



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