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Ishinomaki Architecture Workshop

Ishinomaki City under water
Ishinomaki City under water

Belgian architects take part to Ishinomaki's reconstruction.

Ishinomaki architecture workshop (IAW) is an initiative launched by the Faculty ofArchitecture of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (with the support ofWallonia-Brussels International) to helpthe reconstruction of one of themost damaged city of Miyagi Region following the Tsunami of 11march 2011.

IAWwill set up architecture workshops in Ishinomaki to help citizen to plan thereconstruction of their city and neighbourhoods. During work session of aroundtendays, IAW will gather academics, professionals and students from Belgium andJapan familiar with the context of Miyagi. During these workshops, they willengage a multidisciplinary process of collaboration with inhabitant and localassociation in order to foresee a sustainable reconstruction project. As a result the workshop wish to act both as a think-tank brainstorming and an intensive design process.


Geoffrey Grulois


Julie Collet (www.julie-collet.be)

Winner of the 2011 International idea competition for the Justice Palace in Brussels

Co-founder of the architecture office Scale

Assistant in the Space Speculation urban design studio of the Faculty of Architecture, ULB


Julien Deloffre

Currently working in the urban design office Moritz & Simons Architects (MSA)

Co-editor of the publication and the exhibition "Tokyo- Space Speculation" 2011


Pierre Escobar (www.ep-a.eu)

Second price of the competition "Final Layout" with the urban project "Roppongi core"

Winner of the 2010 competition "Concrete Design" in Belgium

Participant to international workshops in Delft University and Berlage Institute

Geoffrey Grulois

Coordinator of Ishinomaki Architecture Workshop

Associate professor of urban design, Faculty of Architecture, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Director and co-founder of the Space Speculation urban design studio, Faculty of Architecture, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Master degree from Tokyo University and previously involved in renovation project in Ishinomaki.


Vincent Hecht

Master student in the Space Speculation urban design Lab

Exchange student in Igarashi Taro Lab of Tohoku University from November 2010 to march 2011

Author of an urban research on Ishinomaki


Philippe Nathan

Founder of the office 2001 located in Luxembourg

Graduation thesis on Tokyo Urbanism in 2009

Winner of the 2008-10 master student project of La Cambre Architecture Institute

Abé Rié

Official interpret and manager of contact in Japan for Ishinomaki Architecture Workshop

Founder of Brussels fashion brand cabanekaban (www.cabanekaban.com)

Involved in Ishinomaki 2.0 since april 2011


Yannick Van Haelen (yv-a.tumblr.com)

Project manager in 51N4E Architects for "Vision Bruxelles Métropole 2040" 

Winner of the 2010 competition "Concrete Design" in Belgium

Brussels Capital Region's Student Awards, second price, 2008


Pauline Varloteaux

Currently working in the office of landscape architect Bas Smets

Winner of the 2009-10 master student project of La Cambre Architecture Institute with "Dual Omotesando"




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