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Lhoas & Lhoas published in Domus

Lhoas & Lhoas published in Domus
Lhoas & Lhoas published in Domus © Maxime Delvaux

The Poolhouse project by Lhoas & Lhoas is featured in the Italian magazine Domus. This curved hexagon offers a space to get changed in privacy after a swim in a Brussels pool. Its interior walls gently envelop the swimmer, its volume seemingly hollowed out so its curves are as close as possible to the body's movements, thus creating an elementary and organic space. This geometry tends to make the object less bulky from the outside, as the concave walls and the position of the poolhouse were determined to refine the volume.

Maxime Delvaux's photos reveal the strangeness and the obviousness of this balancing act that is architecture.



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