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May-September 2014


NFA : Urban Project for Karlsplatz, Vienna

Under the title “Neues Vindobona”, Nicolas Firket Architects and artist Pierre Bismuth have conceived an Urban Project for the notorious Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria.
Amongst the different aspects of a masterplan, the project questions the future of public space in a time characterised by the financial economy’s local pressures; as well as the role of Architecture in urban developments, here proposed as its starting point rather than the final step of its treatment.
In association with Kunsthalle Wien, the proposal is currently presented on location to the public until September.
Bismuth’s installations in the public space triggered the collaboration. Also renowned for his script writings, as with the Oscar winning film “The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” realized with Michel Gondry, Pierre Bismuth’s work is regularly focused on architecture for its deeper public entrenchment, and its ability to bring fiction in reality.
Sustaining a double involvement in urban planning and architecture, Nicolas Firket Architects seeks the critical dimension in the making of space, in a quest for its absolute nature rather than its formal expression or its role as a political instrument.
For this second collaboration (the duo previously worked on a project in Rotterdam), NFA architects and Bismuth are questioning the fundamental nature of the public space and its decisive collective inscription as a void, or built entity.
Have a look at the lecture they gave in Vienna on April 29th.



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