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Ney & Partners: projects in Luxembourg and in the UK

Ney&Partners and William Matthews, Tintagel Bridge
Ney&Partners and William Matthews, Tintagel Bridge
Ney & Partners has started to work on the enlargement works of the Grand-Duchess Charlotte Bridge (The Red Bridge) in Luxembourg. Amongst them the production of the guard-rail. In January a 5m long mockup was approved and used as a support to test the lighting system. Fabrication will commence in March with installation proceeding in the months thereafter.
Ney & Partners, in association with William Matthews Associates, has just won a competition regarding the bridge site of Castle King Arthur, Tintagel (UK). The new footbridge will improve access to the island and help visitors to better understand the sites’s history. The project is expected to be completed by spring 2019. The design of the footbridge is based on a simple concept of recreating the link that once existed an crossed the present void. The harmonius integration of the new bridge into the landscape was one of the biggest concerns. The design has to be of our time, but also needs a certain timeless quality. It has to reflect the rugged nature of the surrounding landscape, the fragility of the historic remains and the local ecology. 



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