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OUEST - RCK School in Riga

OUEST - RCK School in Riga
OUEST - RCK School in Riga© OUEST architecture
After a competition, the extension project of the RCK school in Riga has been awarded to the Ouest architecture office in temporary association with the Sampling architecture office. Congratulations to them!

The RCK school in Riga is a "building school" which offers courses in masonry, plumbing, architectural design and restoration techniques. The building extension project aims to create a place for experimentation and learning of building materials and techniques. The project is conceived as a construction site, a dynamic environment where everyone can test, build and show their work.

The architects want to open the school to the city and let the inhabitants of Riga enjoy the atmosphere and facilities of the school. Two "inner streets" will cross the building in length and width. One of them will give access and view to a sports hall open to the public, to the green inner courtyard and to the large workshop spaces. The other, more discreet, crosses the building to allow the crossing of the block from and towards the park.



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