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Pierre Hebbelinck: Opening of the Espace des Arts in Chalon (FR)

Renovation and modernisation of the National Stage at the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône by the Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck in collaboration with HBAAT.

The Espace des Arts is one of the first major French buildings to offer us all access to Culture. Its renovation and its modernisation pose the issues of the imperatives surrounding it: spectator comfort with the identity of a city in its region, armchair padding offering relations with the territory...everything is concerned.

Quite apart from its historic worth as a construction, the building is above all a priceless heritage. The memory of the place is a real root which we would like to preserve through this project. It will enable us to plan to best effect the construction-related aspects of this architecture, the legacy of lost modernity.

The programme includes 3 cinema rooms (to seat 850, 500 and 100), exhibition halls, a café, housing and spaces for artists. Visibility and access to the site are provided through major work done in reception areas and opening up the space beneath the cantilever of the large room. 



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