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Since it was founded in the year 2000, A2M has set itself the goal of making our world more liveable by championing quality contemporary architecture with high environmental value. This attitude, which has now become a methodology, enables us to explore new territories in search for a vision that addresses concurrently social, urban, functional and formal issues. The firm’s projects translate this universe through an elegant, correct and contemporary vocabulary.

We think that it is politically responsible to produce sustainable architecture and are convinced that the best way to head for this sustainability is by focusing on the energy dimension of buildings. This initial choice to concentrate exclusively on sustainable projects (our first passive building was designed in 2002) is linked to the determination to tow an ethical and aesthetic line while endeavouring to articulate our approach in accordance with the expectations of users and realities. Nowadays, the passive standard is no longer a question, but a necessary condition if we are to aspire to sustainable architecture.

In the course of its projects, specialised training courses imparted worldwide by its members, or its active participation in the periodical be.passive, A2M explores every direction to create the most efficient and most pertinent buildings. The aim pursued is obviously neither energy nor the architectural form, but what the economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen called “la joie de vivre” in 1973.
Sebastian Moreno-Vacca
Sebastian Moreno-Vacca
Grégory Mathy
Julie Willem
Aline Branders
Marieke Landron
Paolo Gavazzi
Siegfried Smeets
Nicolas Cartier
Romaric Richoux
Marie Chaynes
Henriette de Robiano
Alice Herman
Maximilien Leruste
Antoine Maes
Manon Meskens
Olivier Pourbaix
Laura Rooth
Laurent de Loecker
Claire Gravouil
Renaud Le Clair
Floriana Da Silva
Olivia Hallet
Cécile buisset

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