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ARCHIWIND Société d'Architectes

Set up in 2005 with the aim of promoting a “fair” and contemporary architecture, the firm has made a name for itself thanks to its know-how, rigour and efficiency in projects of varying magnitude, rolled out in very different fields : collective housing, private homes, the service and corporate sectors, hotels and industry.

As a member of the “building with energy” campaign, a member of the passive home platform and an adviser on the energy performance of new buildings, we undertake to take an ecologically responsible approach to each of our projects.

The team is comprised of highly-qualified architects and technicians sharing the same high standards of quality. Each employee brings their own specific bag of skills and expertise, gained from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and that help give a tangible added value to the plethora of projects developed within the firm.

Before getting started on any project, the firm undertakes to methodologically analyse each aspect of the client’s brief in order to produce an architecture that reflects their aesthetic, technical and financial expectations.

The spacious offices, situated on avenue Huart Hamoir 1, building 2, 1030 Brussels, are equipped with high-performance, cutting-edge IT equipment that meet our stringent quality demands.
Cathy Van Hemelryck
Bruno Gabaret
Caroline Verbruggen
Quentin Vaulet
Lowell Demol
Pierre Leclerc
- 1st prize winner in August 2011. Construction of a development of 25 sustainable and low-energy homes (20 public housing units and 5 units for average income families), including the road infrastructure and landscaping of the site, Cité Commandant Calonne, 7600 Peruwelz.
Client: Immobilière Publique Péruwelz-Leuze-Frasnes (IPPLF)

- 1st prize winner in June 2011. Major renovation of the entrance hall and facade of the office building, rue du Luxembourg 3, 1000 Brussels.
Client: Axa Belgium s.a.

- 1st prize winner in April 2011. Conversion of a 3-apartment building into offices, located on square Léopold 10, 1020 Brussels.
Client: Scrl Foyer Laekenois

- 1st prize winner in November 2010. Conversion of a single-family home into two two-bedroom duplexes, located on rue des Archers 34, 1081 Brussels.
Client : Fonds du logement de la Région de Bruxelles Capitale

- 1st prize winner in November 2010. Conversion of the lower duplex of a building located on boulevard de Smet de Nayer 185, 1190 Brussels.
Client : Fonds du logement de la Région de Bruxelles Capitale

- 1st prize winner in April 2010. Entrusted with a global project to provide architecture/special technology/stability/health and safety coordination/design and construction services for the study and implementation of works contracts for 34 public housing units in 4840 Welkenraedt.

- 1st prize winner in January 2009. Architectural design for the construction of 62 housing units for middle-income families in 1000 Brussels. On behalf of the SFAR sa.

- 1st prize winner in August 2008. Commissioned as global project designer for the renovation of 2 public housing buildings located in 1030 Brussels. On behalf of the SFAR sa.

- 1st prize winner in December 2007. Commissioned as project designer for the construction of a Retail Park of 12,000 m² in Mont-Saint-Guibert
- Publication: Carnet d’Architecture bois/04 in 2011
- Publication in: Je bâtis, tu rénoves in June 2010, n° 260
- Nominated for the EEawards 2010 – Energy and Environment Prize – in the Eco-Building category.

Avenue Huart Hamoir 1 bte 2
1030 Bruxelles

Tél : 02/ 215 22 04
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