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AUPa sprl - Architectes Urbanistes Paysagistes Associés

AUPa has complementary skills in domains of architecture, environment, town and country planning, landscaping, decoration and interior architecture, sustainable development and energy performance of buildings.
This diversity contribute to the balance of the creations of AUPa. It is there even one of its foundations.
Two principles guide our work:
- The accuracy of our contextual analyses, the respect of programs and budgets, and the managing of the works does not only come from an elementary consciousness professionelle but also constitutes the line of force imposed by AUPa in the manual worker quality, cornerstone of his ISO certification 9001.
- The sensibility of AUPa is visible in each of its compositions by its forms, its materials and its colors which are the object of the biggest attention to reach in the simple beauty of thoughtful things (" Less is more ").
In thirty years of activity, AUPa has constituted a robust experience, in constant evolution, in domains of preference: more than 500.000 m² of industrial buildings and offices, more than 30 impact studies, more than 25 partial revisions of plan of sector, more than 70 development plans for communities, more than 400 individual or collective housing, more than 200.000 m² of commercial areas and parking, theaters, cinemas, law courts, hotels, …
Gérante - Directrice de la cellule architecture
Ingénieur Architecte
Formation « Archi office »
Auditeur énergétique
Certificateur énergétique

Renaud DAELE
Licencié en Sciences Biologiques
DEC en Environnement (1997)
DES en urbanisme et développement territorial (2008)
Formation à l’audit interne et externe des systèmes ISO 9001 et ISO 14001
Conseiller en mobilité

Gérant - Directeur de la cellule architecture
Architecte diplômé de l' Institut Supérieur d' Architecture Saint Luc de Wallonie. (2004)
D.E.S. en urbanisme et développement territorial obtenu à l’Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve (2006)

Caroline JORTAY
Architecte intérieur
Formation sur les couleurs (NCS) (2001-2002)
Séminaire d’éclairage au sein de la firme Schreder (2001)
Formation « la pratique de l’audit interne » ISO 9001(2004)
Formation « Architectural Desktop 2004 » (2005)
Formation « Microsoft Project » (2006)

Amaury PIRET
Diplômé en architecture à l’institut Lambert Lombart de Liège

15 Collaborateurs comprenant des Architectes, Urbanistes, Architectes d'intérieur, Architectes paysagistes, Géographes, Ingénieurs architectes, Historien de l'Art, Biologiste, Graphiste, Expert en environnement, Expert en mobilité.

Rue du Centre 77
4800 Verviers

Tél : 087/228988
Fax : 087/226533






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