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Atelier d'Architecture Galand

Ten or a dozen people are working together in our workshop: architects, engineer-architects and interior designers. Mixed generations and skills ensure dynamism, social and temporal adequacy, as well as the necessary experience to foster complex projects and meet community challenges.
As it is essential in our eyes to take care of the countryside, the challenge raised nowadays by population growth is to build quality spaces despite the increased urban density. We carry out major projects serving various purposes, ranging from the transformation of a single family home to building housing estates, office buildings, retirement homes and public equipment. Each of these projects is a real opening to experiment, create and make use of innovative building technologies and materials.
We are well aware of our responsibility as builders, and we use to weigh with accuracy the resources consumption related to our interventions. We take the time to study existing values, and to give top priority to long-term vision against urgency.
Our architectural strategy fully respects the client's wishes and all our projects are inspired by a preliminary approach of human needs and mind. We respect the existing environment, the area and the urban organization, taking into account personal and local specificities, which allows us to develop projects creating spaces which are altogether efficient and of the highest quality.

- Antoine GALAND Architecte, St. Luc, Bruxelles, 2003 Professeur invité ESA depuis 2007
- David GUTMAN Architecte, V. Horta, Bruxelles, 2003 Master executive en immobilier
- Jan DEFOUR, ir Architecte, KUL, Leuven, 1980, Partenaire
- Jacques GALAND - décédé, Architecte, St. Luc, Bruxelles, 1972, Fondateur
- Sandrine Contini
- Mathilde Aurousseau
- Suleyman Celik
- Lucas Ockermans
- Annamaria Lakatos
- Corentin Dalon
- Baudouin Jeangille
- Giulia Rossetti

45, avenue Wielemans Ceuppens
1190 Forest - Brussels

Tél : 0032 2 375 75 22






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Place Sainctelette 2
1080 B - Bruxelles

T +32 2 421 83 72

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