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Rehabilitation of the Chateau de Seilles into 19 apartments


Atelier d'Architecture Nicola Prebenna sprl

Rehabilitation of the Chateau de Seilles into 19 apartments. The castle used to be a retirement house and office spaces for differents associations. The project consists of transforming the existing building into 15 social apartments while at the same time adding a new wing housing 4 apartments.
Built during the fifteenth century by the descendants of Daniel de Seilles and transformed until the nineteenth century by the various owners, the castle of Seilles raises a classic and eclectic style. The castle, originally surrounded with moats, formed a whole building with the farm of Atrive, situated next door.

The project consists of recreating a disappeared wing, to restore the castle its original volumetry(tracks of a vanished construction remain on the facades of the castle and the farm).

To make a strong gesture which does not interfere with the existing building, the new wing proposes a determinedly contemporary style staged in a set of volumes and materials, creating a strong and dynamic building, so avoiding to fall into a pastiche architecture.

The outside hallways added on the back facade belong to the same spirit. They are made of steel, to stay in shades of grey. The proposed structure also allows to preserve the strong image of the existing building.

All the accommodations answer the needs of a modern family. A new central steel staircase will be installed, mixing contemporary lines and materials with the magnificence of a monumental foyer.

The lands are minimalist, the accesses and the parking lots remain out of the view, to protect the balance of the facades and the park.
Housing (include mixed use)
Ongoing building work
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Les Logis Andennais
Total budget
2200000 €/htva
Per square meters
846.15 €/htva

Rue du chateau, 17
5300 Andenne

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