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Auxau atelier d'architecture sprl

Created in late 2009, the architecture studio AUXAU is primarily intended as a place of research and study at the service of man and its habitat , acting on its immediate environment.

The studio is organized around a friendly and playful space for reflection and research . The working themes are generic : street furniture , architecture, urban planning. The limit is often blurred ... It allows to approach each project in a special way , developing proposals in line with the context in which they operate.

It is first issue of how to live , how to work , how to move , how to sit , how to entertain, how ...

And then there was the idea of the contrast ... between full and empty , between the old and the new , between the whole and the nothing between the before and after , between ...

The work of the material as a "skin of space" is also an important research area that tries to exploit the workshop in each of its projects.

This question also applies to city level by highlighting certain issues through poetic responses that invite debate.
VERRIER François
DANEL Astrid
FONTAINE Géraldine
HUBERT Jean-Charles
HRICOVA Dominika
UNG Vincent

LABROSSE Maxime (Stagiaire)
Honorary mention to the AMO 2019 prize, Architecture and Project Owners, for the Fétis project.

Honorary mention at the Ixelles Architecture Award 2019 for the Renier Chalon project, in temporary association with MAMOUT.

First architectural prize of Woluwé-St-Pierre 2019, in the "Extension-Transformation" category for the Deraeck project.

Winner for the construction of 3 houses with social vocation for the property management of the city of Brussels. Ongoing project.

Winner for the creation of new classes at Saint Joseph Elementary School in Uccle.

Winner for the renovation of social housing in an experimental program PP. Municipality of Schaerbeek.

Winner for the creation of new classes in the Saint Antoine primary school in Forest.

Winner for the complete restoration of the Saint-Henri Church, in A.M. with Parallel Architecture.

Winner for the construction of 36 new low-energy housing on the site of the Faculty of Gembloux, in A.M. with WHY.

Winner for the construction of a zero energy communal hall and the landscaping of a 6Ha site in Andenne, A.M. with 3A.
Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventories # 1 (2010-2013): AUXAU is pleased to be one of 30 selected and published projects on more than 1,000 projects inventoried by the Orthodox Collective.

Avenue de la Couronne 212
1050 Bruxelles

Tél : 02 644 01 44






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