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Bureau d'Etude Weinand

Yves Weinand holds a master degree in Architecture, Faculty of architecture, University of Liège (1986), a master degree in Civil Engineering from EPFL (1994), and a doctoral degree in structural engineering from RWTH Aachen (1998).

He founded le ‘Bureau d’Etudes Weinand, ingénierie et architecture’, his own consultancy and architecture-engineering firm in 1995, in Liège.
In 2017, a second practice has been opened in Lausanne.

The Bureau d’études Weinand, architects and engineers, SPRL, in Liège, Belgium, is active in architecture and civil engineering constructions with a wide range of applications in timber constructions. Since its creation, the Bureau d’étude Weinand has been studying wooden structures that combine simplicity, innovation and efficiency. With flagship projects, the design office acquires recognition thanks to structures that take timber as a noble and innovative material.

The studies of Bureau d’étude Weinand focus on the structural capabilities of wood. Going from framework with surprising reach to small structures, the studio likes to study wood in all its faculties. Not only is its integration into the landscape often rewarded, but its technical capabilities are a constantly evolving resource. Due to the machines and techniques that surround us more and more, it is now possible to create wood structures with implausible forms. Wood often approved as "traditional material" is emancipated in the construction sector.
2012. Yves Weinand won the "Grand Prix d'Architecture de Wallonie"

2014. "Best Paper Award17" for Yves Weinand and IBOIS'researchers team, at the consortium "Advances in Architectural Geometry conference".

Medal for Research and Technique,
Académie d'Architecture, France

Regional Mention of the Lignum Prize for the Vidy Theatre Pavilion

Distinction ‘Bois 2019’ for the Parliament building, Lausanne

Grand Prix d’Architecture de Wallonie 2019, Category V : Realization of a Walloon architect outside Wallonia, with the project ”Vidy Pavilion", in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Le Pavillon en bois du Théâtre de Vidy, under the direction of Yves Weinand; V. Baudriller, J. Gamerro, M. Jaccard, C. Robeller; 2017, PPUR.

Advanced Timber Structures - Architectural Designs and Digital Dimensioning , Y. Weinand, 2017, Birkhaüser (french: Structures Innovantes en Bois (2016); german : Neue Holztragwerke - Architektonische Entwürfe und digitale Bemessung (2017))

Grubenmann Project / Projekt Grubenmann, Y. Weinand, 2016, Stiftung Grubenmann-Sammlung

Timber Project: Nouvelles formes d’architectures en bois, Y. Weinand, 2010, PPUR

Architexto, Y. Weinand and D. Darcis, 2009, Editions Fourre-Tout, Liège

Le bois soudé, B. Stamm et Y. Weinand, 2004, Architecture Bois & Dépendance

New Modeling - projeter ensemble, Y. Weinand, 2003, PPUR

Quai Godefroid Kurth 40
B – 4020 Liège

Tél : +32 4 343 39 38





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