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Gilly - Redevelopment of the Destrée neighbourhood


CENTRAL office for architecture and urbanism

Development of public space into a large park and public square, construction of a new boxing pavilion, rehabilitation and renovation of the sports halls, multi-purpose and cultural spaces, redevelopment of the Hôtel-de-Ville into mixed cultural spaces.
The Place Destrée project reveals our interest in rethinking the way public spaces are shared and offer comfort and safety for all users by the articulation of a square and a park that fits into an existing urban context that need to be enhanced. The project studied in close collaboration with the landscapers Plant En Houtgoed aims to transform and requalify the Déstrée district in Gilly, a former industrial town on the outskirts of Charleroi. In order to achieve an in-depth transformation of the district, we propose to take advantage of the existing potential and logic of the site.
To achieve this ambition, we propose a shared vision around the idea of an Urban Ecosystem: in relation to the existing urban fabric, we are profoundly changing the nature of the existing soil, the asphalt space dedicated to cars is transformed into a densely planted park, a public square for all is defined and various tailor-made actions are carried out on the existing buildings allowing specific uses while gradually diluting into a continuous whole.
The basis of the project for the Place Destrée and its surroundings is based on three intertwined structuring ecologies. The urban forest, a veritable landscaped park in the heart of the city. The central square, a former parking lot becoming a vast public space reappropriated by the citizens. A renovated sports complex, extended and reoriented towards public space. These three ambitions are the guarantors of a strong landscape, urban and prog
Landscape, urban areas
Ongoing building work
Year of conception
Ville de Charleroi, Bouwmeester de Charleroi




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