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Energy renovation of the boarding school of the Polytechnic of Verviers


Canevas, Architectes et Ingénieurs

The project covers :
- Insulation of the external facades and the installation of fibre cement and aluminium cladding;
- Replacement of single glazed windows with double glazed aluminium windows;
- Renovation of the boiler rooms with the installation of heat pumps;
- Renovation of the boiler room manifolds;
- Installation of 150 kWp solar panels on the EP Verviers site to supply the building.
The project is part of the Renowatt project. The mission consists of the renovation of a school building in order to improve its energy performance.
The building has several uses: student rooms, classrooms, auditorium and cafeteria.
The architecture of the building is typical of the 1960s: concrete structure of the building expressed in the main façades, modular façades, large steel frames, façade cladding in prefabricated concrete and cement tiles, rubble stone base.
The project wraps the building from the ground floor to floor +6 with insulation and fibre cement cladding in a grey-beige colour, similar to that of the existing concrete, in order to preserve the character of the building. The cladding pattern respects the modular aspect of the building. The rubble stone base is retained for its durability in a school environment.
The single-glazed joinery has been replaced by double-glazed aluminium windows with glazed spandrels to bring maximum light into the classrooms and maintain the building's appearance.
The windows in the bedrooms are recent. These are retained and their blue spandrels are covered with sheet metal in the same colour as the window profiles.
In order to bring colour and to change the perception of the building according to the point of view, some of the sashes are coloured to form a random pattern on the façade. This play of colour softens the strict and repetitive nature of the facades.
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Province de Liège
Total budget
2 200 000
Per square meters
7 160
bureau Greisch
Special techniques
bureau Greisch et Neo & Ides

aux Laines 69
4800 Verviers

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