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The Villas of Balmoral in Spa


Créative Architecture sprl

Construction of 30 high-end apartments (145 to 245 m²) into 4 villas and a Wellness area. The site, hugely wooded, will give an idea of the project : occupy the forest.
The site is located on the cliff of Balmoral, on the heights of Spa. The land is hugely wooded and slighlty sloping. The forest spirit was the starting point of our architectural approach. The buildings are low-built and dense in order to free a maximum of space between them.
The apartments all benefit from wide corbelled patios on top of the trees. These patios, with white outlines, « deconstruct » the strict original volume. These white bands go through the perimeter of the villas, underlining the diverse openings. Massive brick walls support the patios and add an effect to the elevations.
From an energetic point of view, these housings are highly isolated and mechanically ventilated. A shared wood pellet heating system completes these innovating installations.
The roofings are sloping and covered by natural slate, as it is the tradition in the region. The duplex’s patios take advantage of these roofings to create a protection.
"Marie-Henriette, Prince de Condé, Wellington et Pierre le Grand"... if the Balmoral villas carry the names of historical visitors, it is because they inspire the spirit of international luxurious holidays that made the reputation of Spa, also called « pearl of the Ardennes », throughout History.
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Les villas de Balmoral sa
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Avenue Léopold II, 31-37
4900 SPA

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