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AADD - Atelier d'Architecture Daniel Delgoffe

The firm is mainly involved with a range of different programmes rolled out in complex environmental and institutional contexts.
The constraints – the ‘given’ that is the subject of close ‘readings’ are considered as positive factors in the process of generation. Their interpretation gives meaning to the architectural project, it thus acquires its relevance and its cultural dimension. It is therefore very much in the management of the complexity – and not in the production of singularities – that our ambitions lie.
The context of the project extends to its inscription and the transformation of the territory – rural and urban – which is the property of the community. And its substance is stated in its very materiality and its details, where it acquires a poetic and sensual resonance. The “sustainable” ambitions cover such a vast range of parameters that we make every effort to take these on board in our work.
We consider the project as an opportunity for the Client, the institutions, the users and the partners involved in the generation of our projects to listen, share and participate. While we consider the purport of the built form to be crucial, we set even greater store by the quality of the spaces shaped directly and indirectly by our actions. After all, they are places that house Life, an expression of the regular or impromptu presence of men and women.
Majda El Mazouni
Loïc Maréchal
Nicola Galiotto
Youri Dor
Kristopher Wolfs
Dylan Roussel
Guillaume Galet

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4050 Chaudfontaine

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