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Dessin et Construction

DESSIN ET CONSTRUCTION is an interprofessional company active in the fields of architecture, engineering and town planning.
Competent and active in all 3 fields, our office purposefully favors studies and projects encompassing several of these dimensions.
We can put forward references in town planning, public spaces and parks planning, mobility networks, industrial parks reallocation, building and rehabilitating housing associations, shops, offices and arty pieces of work.
We are particularly keen on in the various issues highlighted by territorial programs and contexts.
Notions such as « Trace » understood as a territory’s inheritance or a «City» as life premises in regards to societal needs, and «Landscape» linked to a collective environment are crucial and at the heart of our interventions.
We pay great attention to our responsibility towards the natural and human environment. The way we choose our materials, the way we use building techniques as well as solidarity and managerial economy highlights our leitmotiv in aiming to reach a balance between tradition and modernism.
Exploiting the specific potential of every material structurally, texturally and colorfully speaking is at the core of our course of action.
Finally, we pay special attention to the implication of every field-actor in the process of project-elaboration: that includes the project manager as well as the contractors as direct actors but also civil society through various participative processes.
Chantal Vincent, ingénieur civil architecte-urbaniste,
Yvon Mosseray, ingénieur civil des constructions.
Pierre Eyben, ingénieur civil architecte
Julie Lekeu, architecte d'intérieur.
Léa Bacchetta, urbaniste
Antoine Bricout, architecte
Denis Bourguignon, ingénieur architecte

rue des Francs 78
6001 Charleroi

Tél : 32 71 43 48 83
Fax : 32 71 36 03 29






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Place Sainctelette 2
1080 B - Bruxelles

T +32 2 421 83 72

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