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FCM Architects

It was in 2004 that Thierry Martin and Jacqueline Fouque – Des Cressonnières have created FCM Architects.

Both of them have put their different expertise at the service of private, commercial and public projects.

Influenced by their international experience, they have enriched several clients of their “know-how” as well as their common passion for architecture.
What makes FCM Architects valuable is the diversity of its covered territories: From the creation phase to the renewal of historical site into residence and service places or by developing innovative commercial solutions for your business and by elaborating sustainable and smart projects for the public sector.
Our passion for details brought us to the interior design territory, aiming to create an unique and memorable experience.

FCM Architects is also a partner anticipating your needs by not only responding to the current mission but by projecting your investment on the long term.

None of the project is anecdotal for our collaborators. Each mission is a prototype that will come true due to our rigor and our will to create an unique experience.
Jean-Louis Henry
Maria Martinez Jamart
Celine Mornard
Emmanuel Bieniasz
Joris Nivelle
Claire Higny
Veerle Van Impe
Olivier Campeert
Herve Chollet
Nikolas Rychen
Stéphanie Letellier
Isabelle Potvin

avenue Paul Hymans 91
1200 Bruxelles

Tél : +32 2 501 01 90





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Place Sainctelette 2
1080 B - Bruxelles

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