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Karbon' architecture et urbanisme

Karbon is a cooperative company that brings together very different but complementary profiles. All architects, all involved into various fields, they are deeply attached to the historical and contemporary processes of the urban fabric, from the very large (territory) to the very little (furniture).
Each project is considered as a research, each research as a singular project.
After a series of collaborations and competitions (Europan, social housing, transformation..), KARBON settled up around a shared vision: Architecture and urban design are the instruments that help to create a rational layout for a social need of public and private space. This minimal rationalism is our approach to the sustainable society.

Bernard Baines, Victor Brunfaut, Géry Leloutre and Hubert Lionnez teach at the university of architecture La Cambre/Horta, in Brussels. With Matthieu Delatte, David Broekaert and Jean Garcin, KARBON is their shared platform with witch they work on projects of various scales, from furniture to urban design, always concerned with the architecture and the built environment.
Matthieu Delatte
Géry Leloutre
Victor Brunfaut
Hubert Lionnez
Jean Garcin
Alessandro Pontara
Bernard Baines
David Broekaert
Fanny Boereboom
Eloïse Perrillon
Alix Lewalle
Manon Vanel
Alexia Menec
Victor Donnart
Vittorio Degli Innocenti
Charles-Hippolyte Chatelard
Florence Provost
Giulia Verga
Justine Pierson
Océane Ponzetto
Zakaria Siouda

Avenue de la Couronne 382 bte 7
1050 Ixelles

Tél : 32 2 6497502
Fax : 32 2 6497502





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Place Sainctelette 2
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