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Lhoas & Lhoas Architectes

This former warehouse has been acquired by several buyers. The set was divided into lots that would be transformed by their owners each with very different programs. All buildings contain functions as different as single-family homes, artists' studios, offices and a guests table.
C&C house
The family chose to settle in the front building along the street wich had 3 levels, and have been heightened with a level and a half. The ground floor provides access to other properties of the building. The design is rational. The living room has been placed in the new volume on the top floor to enjoy the view over the city. A central staircase distributes to other parts of the house, carved element which is read as a dark mass. Its design is deliberately winding which induces a complexity, blurring the marks it gives a new dimension to the course. The rooms are designed in a simple way around this staircase seeking views and light. Eventually, some items such as the kitchen were designed by the architects.

L&T duplex
It has been designed for a large family. It is on 2 floors, each on 125m². The entrance is on the upper level with the living areas : living room, kitchen, dining room etc.. The metallic staircase wich is an original feature has been restored. It provides access to the roof terrace through a large glass dome. The whole space is in a trapeze shape and functions as an open plan. The various rooms are divided up by either a library or a small wall. The long hallway on the lower level could have looked repetitive with the succession of doors but the walls are implanted in such a way that the viewpoints are modified so that new qualities are given to spaces that were otherwise unused. The hall becomes playground or storage area.
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rue vanderschrick 85
1060 Bruxelles

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