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MDW Architecture

Founded in 2001 by Marie Moignot and Xavier De Wil, MDW Architecture is now strong of 30 staff. Our ethos is to combine the highest standards of creativity and sustainability.

We are committed to offering design excellence to each client, either public or private and independently of the scale of the project. Each request is looked into thoroughly so that the solution reaches beyond the brief. The freshness of our approach has been recognised by several awards.

Building on many years of experience in low-energy and passive projects of the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable construction, we now integrate these principles in our schemes as naturally as structural engineering. In 2010, MDW’s Savonnerie Heymans complex of 42 accommodations, nursery and several public spaces was awarded the high profile Belgian Award for Energy and Environment in the Eco Building category.

We see our relationship with our clients as a partnership, a continuous dialogue where everyone brings something to the other. Our interest in dialogue is also incarnated in the way our projects weave relations with their context and their occupants. We enjoy managing wide and complex projects that require an enriching multi-disciplinarity and where the architect acts as a conductor, whose global vision can guarantee the rightness of the music.
Marie Moignot
Xavier De Wil
Yvan Breithof, Guillaume Burger, Miguel Camba, Sophie Canfin, Baptiste Chatenet, Martin Delattre, Guillaume Durand, Malou Eude, Dimitri Fache, Anthony Gaschard, Katia Goyens de Heusch, Simon Haim, Thierry Henrard, Nicolas Iacobellis, Roser Igual, Laurent Liefooghe, Fabian Maricq, Daniele Martini, Adam Masset, Yolanda Mauriz, Mladen Milić, Olivia Noël, Taehun Oh, Sophie Rémy, María Sarrado, Bernard Van Damme, Valérie Van Damme.

Avenue de l’Armée 82a
1040 Bruxelles

Tél : +32 (0)2 428 73 76






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Place Sainctelette 2
1080 B - Bruxelles

T +32 2 421 83 72

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