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NFA (Nicolas Firket Architects)

NFA (Nicolas Firket Architects) is a Brussels based agency that focuses on Architectural and Urban design as cultural disciplines with fundamentally prospective natures. NFA investigates different scales of spatial organisation through unprecedented yet evident formal synthesis, with build reality as sole manifesto.
Established in 2006, the office’s long term aspiration lays in the valorisation of a Brussels-based European identity fostering significant international collaborations.
In an era of mediated architecture, NFA aims to restore the act of construction as medium.
NFA was also implicated in two of the major Masterplan competitions ever organised in Brussels, activating associations with OMA, Arup, Michel Desvigne... In 2009, “A New Skyline for Brussels” (700.000m2) aimed at a symbolic, citizen and sustainable re-gathering of the EU commission’s compounds in the EU district’s Rue de la Loi. Later in 2010, the competition for the Heysel plateau (950.000m2) was the opportunity to propose a vision for the former EXPO 58 park, to redevelop as Brussels’ new pole of activities.
Prix d’Urbanisme de la Province du Brabant 2013, 2nd Prize
Grand Prix d’Architecture de Wallonnie 2012, Nominated
Belgian Prize for Architecture 2011, Selected
Guide Architecture Moderne et Contemporaine 1895-2014 Liège, 2014, Mardaga, Bruxelles
Absolut n°7, Herfst-Winter 2013-2014, Absolut, Antwerpen
DOMUS n° 966, Febbraio 2013, Domus, Milan
A+ n° 244, Octobre-Novembre 2013, CIAUD, Bruxelles
Bruxelles Architectures, de 1950 à Aujourd’hui, 2012, AAM editions, Bruxelles
Belgium’s Best Buildings, 2012, Luster, Antwerpen
Belgium New Architecture 5, 2012, Prisme Edition, Bruxelles
Espèces d’Architecte, 2011, FWB/WBI, Bruxelles
Beton n°210, Mars 2011, FEBE, Bruxelles
Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles, Inventaires#0 2005-2010, 2010, CFWB, Bruxelles
Belgian Architects and Their Houses, 2011, Luster, Antwerpen
Collection d’Architectures, 2007, A16 et Centre Wallonnie-Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Paris
Belgium New Architecture 1, 2001, Prisme Edition, Bruxelles

rue des Palais 153
1030 Bruxelles

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