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Pigeon Ochej Paysage

Virginie Pigeon and Sébastien Ochej are architects graduated from ISA St Luc Liège, then trained in the landscape approach in various institutes : the ENSP of Versailles and the CTH of Gembloux. They have worked for more than fifteen years in the parallel disciplines of architecture: urban planning, public space, territory, landscape and gardens. The experience of landscape projects at very different scales, in open contexts with varied programs, makes the specificity of this team.

In addition to the projects presented in this page, we will highlight the ongoing missions such as the development of the urban site of Val Benoit in Liège, the eco-district of Mons station, the new housing district in Walcourt, the redevelopment of the Sapinette sports park in Mons or the Place des Martyrs in Gosselies; or the projects delivered from the Place des Vieillards in Saint Gilles, the landscaped parking in Sart-Tilman, surroundings of the Adeps de l'Eau d´Heure center ...

All of these projects combine a large-scale spatial reflection on the relationship to nature, identity, integration, composition and readability; down to a detailed definition of facilities, roads, furniture, signage, plantations, taking into account management, sustainability and maintenance issues.
Virginie Pigeon
Sébastien Ochej
Collaborateurs actuels :
Lorianne Lange
Thomas Simon

Anciens collaborateurs :
Agathe Raimbault
Simon Makart
Charlotte Nelles





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