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Development of the centre of Saint-Hubert


Suède 36

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The aim was to give the city centre an image that corresponds to its status as the capital of nature and hunting. Soft mobility has guided the structuring of the roadway, which leaves ample space for bicycles, pavements and terraces. This former national road has been downgraded to a one-way shared local road. The development favours the shopping promenade, implements active rainwater management and places vegetation at the centre of the project.
Through participative methods, thanks to its expertise in mobility and its ability to propose solutions, Suède 36 has implemented a strong, shared public space project that is changing the image of the municipality on a long term.

This roadway is articulated around three squares: Place de la Libération, de l’Abbaye and du Marché. The aim is to divert the heavy traffic that had noisy and polluting consequences. The development favors shopping, terraces and tourist activity and offers a quality public space, pleasant for visitors and residents alike.

The presence of vegetation is a recurring element in the project. At the Green Square, a group of dense trees reminds us of the nearby forest. Going up towards the township, one comes accross rustic species belonging to the world of the fields. Around the fountain, roses have been planted, another symbol of Saint-Hubert, which had an exceptional citizen: the famous designer of roses at the French court, Louis Redouté.

As for the roadway materials, we used both printed concrete allowing a good resistance to the existing constraints (passage of buses and strong slope) and natural paving stones fot the various historical places.

Rainwater is systematically directed towards the plantations, whose containers are without borders. Many joints between the paving stones are open. Native vegetation of various sizes and types brings biodiversity to the site.
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Ville de Saint-Hubert
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rue de la Fontaine / Place du Marché
6870 Saint-Hubert

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