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SumProject is an architectural and urban development office which places the human being and its living environment at the heart of its work. Since more than 40 years SumProject offers creative solutions to social, spatial and environmental issues by drawing up smart projects for the city and its inhabitants.
As such SumProject combines a rich cross-disciplinary work experience with a continuously renewed creative process in order to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to each mission.
The company has a policy of continuous quality improvement of its services, in particular through a strict management of the budgets, deadlines and processes of the missions entrusted in it. To this end, Sum has been ISO 9001 certified since 2000.

Sum is a living laboratory of about fifty people from various backgrounds (architects, economists, town planners, engineers, sociologists, geographers, historians, designers, heritage specialists, environmental and mobility experts, etc.). For each project, SumProject provides a dedicated team fully in line with the specific requirements of the client.
Administrateurs: Paul Lievevrouw, Jean-Pierre Mariën.
Associés: Livia de Béthune, Bernard Deconinck, Bob De Wispelaere, Jeremy Godenir, Jan-Jonas Szatanski.
Sum est un laboratoire vivant d'une cinquantaine de personnes d'horizons variés (architectes, économistes, urbanistes, ingénieurs, sociologues, géographes, historiens, designers, graphistes, spécialistes du patrimoine, experts en environnement et en mobilité, etc.). Pour chaque mission, SumProject met, à disposition du maître d'ouvrage, une équipe de projet en adéquation avec ses besoins spécifiques.
2008 Winner Belgian Steel Construction Award (Les Brigittines in Brussels)
2008 2nd Brussels Horta Architecture Prize (Les Brigittines in Brussels)
2010 Nomination Belgian Steel Construction Award (Collegebridge in Kortrijk)
2011 Highly Commended Footbridge Awards (Collegebridge in Kortrijk)
2011 Nomination Mies van der Rohe Award(Collegebridge in Kortrijk)

Boulevard de Waterloo 90
1000 Bruxelles

Tél : + 32 2 512 70 11
Fax : + 32 2 512 31 90






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Place Sainctelette 2
1080 B - Bruxelles

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