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Synergy International

The office was created in 1987, to develop more specifically the design activities inside the ARCHITECHNA network (Appropriate architecture and technologies). Since then, the office has strongly evolved and includes actually architects, planners, engineers and designers who are involved in projects in Europe and overseas. In Belgium, the realizations cover a big variety of projects, such as individual and collective residences, office buildings, communal infrastructures and cultural projects. Overseas, the office is mostly engaged in so-called developing countries, in very diverse fields, such as project planning and management, urban and regional planning, project supervision and applied research in appropriate technologies.

Synergy International aims to work in order to concretize projects – from the programming stage to their realization, from evaluation to maintenance, from town planning to urban renovation, from architecture to production of materials, from technical assistant to training of homologues, through professional work in the competences of town planner, architect, engineer and project manager, associated to all other necessary disciplines, respecting the cultural context and the heritage of the place of intervention, and developing a methodological and formal iinovation, which complies with the spirit of sustainable development.
Sébastien Cruyt
Oswald Dellicour
Anne Dessaer
Marc Gossé
Vincent Musiek
Julie Thirion
Barbara Wolff
Michaël d'Udekem
Géraldine Vincent
Julie Goffin
Synergy International has been rewarded with several awards, the Agha Kan, exemplar projects for the IBGE, the Energy Award of the polar foundation, winner in the categories "housing" and "sustainability" steel constructions. Most of our projects are labialized as "passive" or "zero energy" with additional attests such as BREEAM or Valideo.

rue des Trois Ponts
1160 Bruxelles

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