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Existing for about 10 years, the architecture agency V2W, led by Gaëtan Van de Wyer, interprets architecture and design through an expressive approach, deeply pervaded by ecology.
V2W mainly distinguishes itself because it was able to group different skills, perfectly interacting with each other under a same roof. The close links and intensive collaboration with different architecture and civil engineering experts also underline the will to take up every architectural challenge with a solid and adequate team.
This interdisciplinarity allows V2W to conduct each of its projects with a thought-through approach that pays attention to spatial, organizational, financial and technical aspects, but also formal, symbolic and aesthetic.
At V2W every creative act, be it so tiny, is supposed to touch, to stun. Every project becomes an opportunity to dream, to give sense, to enchant.
Although the agency is mainly known for its multiple or individual housing activities, it also develops projects of different scales with a similar concern for quality and expressivity, going from the design of the simplest objects to the most demanding architectures.
Ever since the creation of the agency, rational use of energy at all stages of a creation’s life is an essential condition to architectural design and creation. V2W managed to intimately associate strict approaches with regard to ethics, ecology and technology in affirmative creations.
Arch. Sami KAMAR
Design Excellence Award 2010 - Bangkok

Good Design Amard 2010 - Tokyo
AugustMan (Singapore) August 2010 p44
Trends Tendances (Belgium) August 26th 2010 p71
Floor (Ukraine)
Tropical Living Magazine (South-East Asia) September 2010 p102-108
Concept Project (Turkey) January 2011 p

Avenue du Prince d'Orange, 36A
1180 Bruxelles

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